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Have you been scammed recently or become a victim of an online fraud? You are one of the thousands of web users who, despite liberal warnings issued on the net, still fail to recognize a scam. Consumer Scam Report online is a site designed to help victims like you reports these instances to the online community so that everyone is alerted to the existence of such online scams.

The objective of Consumer Scam Report online is to alert not only the online community but also the regulatory authorities about the possibility of scammers striking again at unsuspecting victims. It is important to report your experiences so that others do not face the same fate as you because online scammers usually use the same modus operandi a few times before switching plans.

Most of us fall for scams because they look like they are in our best interests. We usually respond quickly when we are asked for our bank account details and secured information when told that it is to ensure their security. Scammers could make great psychologists because they can read our minds like a book and know exactly how we will respond on impulse.

It is important to educate the online community about the newer methods and strategies adopted by scammers to reach your account or to gyp money from you. Consumer Scam Report is the forum that allows victims to report such instances and alert others to the presence of scammers. Web users must realize that the simple way to avoid getting gypped is to stop sharing personal information online. Never provide credit card numbers or social security numbers as reference for an account or to create a security system as no legitimate organization will ever ask for these details.

Consumer Scam Report is the best site to report and learn about online scams and how to avoid them in the future. Visit us to know how we can help you use the web in a better, more secure manner.

Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization Company To Teach Companies How Not To Get Scammed By Former Inmates

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 10, 2014 is creating information packets that will help educate companies on what they can do to avoid becoming a victim of a former inmate trying to pull a scam, the company announced yesterday.

“Many companies have no problems hiring former inmates,” a spokesman said. “They want to help rehabilitate them into society. That’s a noble intention. But they have to be constantly on their guard to make sure these former criminals don’t try to pull a scam on them. We are here to help.” said that many former criminals learn how to become scam artists while they are in prison. Therefore, when they get out they can seem honest and repentant while still trying to pull a scam on the people who give them jobs.

“What companies need to understand is that former inmates tend to leave a lot of red flags behind when they are pulling a scam,” he said. “Our reports will highlight the most common red flags that indicate a scam is in process so that employers can recognize them and take action to protect themselves.” is working with employers and law enforcement officers to create the guides, he said.

“As soon as they are ready, we’ll be publishing them on our website,” he said. “Eventually we’ll also release them through our social media channels. We want to do what we can to make sure fewer companies get scammed.” believes the information will help both companies and former inmates.

“Organizations will be more likely to give these people jobs once they are less worried about getting scammed,” he said.

About is an online source for public records that specializes in delivering the most comprehensive background reports in North America. Generating hundreds of customers daily, prides itself on providing the highest degree of customer service and report accuracy. Visit today to chat with a live representative, call 1-877-216-1827, or email Manager(at)CriminalReports(dot)com with any questions or concerns.

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Wood & Huston Offers Steps to Avoid Breaches with Credit Card Data Security

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Wood & Huston Offers Steps to Avoid Breaches with Credit Card Data Security

Marshall, MO (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

Savvy discounter, Target recently announced that cyber thieves compromised the debit/credit card data and/or personal information of as many as 110 million customers through their store point of sale, or POS, systems. The stolen data includes phone numbers, email and home addresses, debit and credit card numbers, PINs and expiration dates.

On the heels of this news, Neiman Marcus recently disclosed a similar breach and cyber security experts see a high probability for more attacks on the retail industry in the future.

“Victims of debit and credit card data breaches are a serious concern for Wood & Huston particularly due to problems that it presents to our customers.” says Barry Randolph, President of Wood & Huston Bank. “We value our customers and the relationships that we have with them. Their harm and inconvenience represents serious concern for us, and we want to do everything in our power to minimize these occurrences of debit and credit card fraud and data breaches.”

Mr. Randolph goes on to say: “Unfortunately, victims of the Target data breach are vulnerable to phishing attacks right now. We want our customers to know that we will never ask for personal information regarding their account number(s) in an email. We strongly encourage our customers not to respond to emails that warn of dire consequences. Look for the padlock to be displayed as it also displays https:// in the address bar noting the site is more secure when submitting sensitive information over the Internet. We encourage customers to check their bank accounts regularly reviewing for any fraudulent activity. If any is noted, customers should immediately contact us or other financial institutions where they have noted such activity. Victims can file complaints with the federal government’s Internet Crime Complaint Center:

Phishing attacks use spoofed e-mails and fraudulent websites designed to fool recipients into divulging personal financial data. By hijacking the trusted brands of banks, online retailers and credit card companies, phishers are able to convince recipients to respond to them. These criminals are capable of sending very legitimate looking e-mails.

To avoid becoming the victim of a phishing scam, Wood & Huston Bank offers the following tips:

If you have responded to an email, contact your bank immediately so they can protect your account and your identity.

Never give out your personal or financial information in response to an unsolicited phone call, fax or email, no matter how official it may seem.

Do not respond to email that may warn of dire consequences unless you validate your information immediately. Contact the company to confirm the email’s validity using a telephone number or Web address you know to be genuine.

Check your credit card and bank account statements regularly and look for unauthorized transactions, even small ones. Some thieves hope small transactions will go unnoticed. Report discrepancies immediately.

When submitting financial information online, look for the padlock or key icon at the bottom of your Internet browser. Most secure Internet addresses, though not all use “https”.

Report suspicious activity to the Federal Government’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (, a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center.

For information on protecting yourself online, visit ABA’s consumer section on phishing at

About Wood & Huston Bank

Established in 1874, Wood & Huston is an independent, full-service community bank that in 2014 celebrates 140 years of providing a wide range of quality financial products and solutions to the communities that they serve in Missouri—with branches and/or service locations in Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Marshall, Slater, Springfield and West Plains. Wood & Huston provides the convenience of online banking, mobile banking, mobile deposit and high interest checking, along with competitive rate loans for its customers. It’s Wood & Huston’s history and mission that distinguishes it from so many banking institutions. Personal service has been a legacy passed on from generation to generation for Wood & Huston Bank. The Bank operates with a philosophy that its reputation must be recreated every single day to meet each new challenge. To learn more about Wood & Huston, explore its website at, drop by one of the convenient locations, or call (660) 886-6825.

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Lee Dodson?s Survey Indicates Permanent Change For Construction Trades-People, And It?s Not Good

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Lee Dodson’s Survey Indicates Permanent Change For Construction Trades-People, And It’s Not Good

“The Contractor’s To Do List”

Los Angeles, Ca. (PRWEB) August 25, 2013

Results from Lee Dodson’s Contractors, Tradesperson Survey, from the, reveals a small business industry facing permanent change, and not for the better. In the short span of twelve days since the survey was announced, more than 78,000 industry people responded, indicating a level of frustration heretofore invisible, by the struggling producers of necessary infrastructure.

Writing in national e-publication, The Brenner Brief, Dodson states that results of his questionnaire disclose an industry is in such disrepair that licensing boards, as well as building agency personnel, now cut staff to ten year lows. Statistics picture a construction industry as stagnant, in decline, worse off than economists predicted.

A looming second recession, second wave of foreclosures have little meaning to the members of the building industry, be they single family dwelling contractors, re-modelers, repair people, because this group has seen little improvement in their situation since the financial collapse in 2009 when construction dropped from a normal 24-27% of GDP to 3% of GDP. Late reports say current level is about 8% GDP, but true August figures are expected to be less than 4% GDP as new housing sales dropped by 13.7% in July, ARMS rose by 60% with an expected rise of high single digits in August.

Add to the grim economic numbers more onerous Federal and State regulations, NIMBY interests, local council demands, other restrictions, and construction projects from $ 10K to just under $ 1M labor under a 30% surcharge of state and local charges on top of material and labor costs. Going without mention are the investments of time and finance to acquire permits, plan checks, background checks, workers’ compensation, liability, equipment insurance generally borne by both tradesperson and clientele.

There has also been a drastic alteration in clients who have been conditioned to the idea that people who work in the field are not of highest moral character. Courts, arbitrators, mediators view the general trade as less than desirables who ply the trade as scam artists. Trades people are generally in no financial shape to go to court to fight scurrilous claims, so they a relegated to a genuinely disadvantaged status.

The Contractors, Tradesperson Survey bears evidence that men and women in the construction industry and late results are not optimistic. Fully 100% of the 78,000+ respondents work, or worked, in the construction trade. The responses come in at the rate of 6,000 per day as of 8/23/13. Fully 90% are considering leaving the business permanently. There is little encouragement in sight. Once very stable trades persons’ incomes have dropped by 60-70% in a short four years.

The’s Dodson says, in an interview taped for radio program to be aired next week, “I want those in the trades to take the survey, look at their situation and to ask themselves what they can do to make a difference in the business. It’s their business, and if they want to make it better, they have to do something, even if it’s a small thing like letting other trades people know what they know. Like who’s good and who’s not from clients, to inspectors, officials, bankers…even designers. We are not powerless. The survey proves it. People are paying attention.”

“Contractors, Tradesperson Survey has been seen by more than 100,000 news readers as of two days ago, and if these numbers translate to users, it becomes a powerful voice in dealing with those who have authority over us from government right down to clients. They have the ultimate power of the purse, regulation, courts, and we small business construction people need a platform.”

“If we take the initiative by registering, filing comments, complaints or praise, where we see it every working day, they have to listen,” Dodson says. “We have been separated from each other, and since bars and cafes are either unaffordable or no longer in style, we can put the information about who’s okay or who’s not okay on the And this goes for anybody who’s serious about making a livelihood from a really great way of life.”

Dodson asks questions no one else asks in the survey. The answers touch on everything from personal strategies such as changing careers and borrowing money to professional judgments as to business problems. The owner does not pretend the results to be scientific, but he does say the answers provide an accurate view of the current status.

Results are more than enlightening.100% say business is far off from six years ago.

90% are not optimistic about near term work, 60% struggle.

96% consider changing careers.

91% have taken supplementary menial jobs.

68% are on government assistance of one form or the other.

54% cannot qualify for credit.

89% borrow from family or friends to make ends meet.

59% cannot afford insurance, could not qualify for ACA (Obamacare).

The most surprising survey response is that 80% are involved in a legal dispute over a project.

On the business side of the equation,1.6% think government can help reverse the down turn, but 81% think business can make it happen.

The survey went live twelve days ago. Due to the length of the survey, statistical results will be published weekly in articles on the home page.

Dodson describes the minimal comment fee as small enough to be easily affordable and enough to keep out trolls. “And it’s equitable. If you put in the email of the person on whom you are commenting, they get a query asking if they want to answer, or if you want to post anonymously, you can,” he grins. “If you’re complimenting somebody, that auto e-mail will be impressive. Registration on the site and survey are free.”

Dodson is currently writes and speaks on economic effects on the construction industry on radio as often as once a week.



Twitter: skshtgr11

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Banking Industry Faces New Risks from Online Hackers

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Banking Industry Faces New Risks from Online Hackers

(PRWEB) August 26, 2013

According to a report dated 04th April 2013 on (, Chief Technology Officer of QCR holdings, a company that owns and oversees four banking institutions, said during an interview with info security media group that the online threats that are out there today are pretty complex. He adds, “We’ve seen these distributed-denial-of-service-attacks (DDoS) just continue to be pervasive in our industry, and we’ve seen them target banks.”

QCR’s banks identified new security threats such as increased distributed-denial-of-service attacks and regulatory changes as the reasons to transition to a new platform.

Mr Wyfells continues to say as per the report that he anticipates that the DDoS may want to target other types of institutions in the future to be able to demonstrate their ability and further goes on to urge these institutions to look at the kinds of technology that’s available which could be applied to help protect this institutions from such kinds of threats.

He adds, “We know that we’ve seen these happen against very large, very sophisticated and very capable institutions and they have struggled to protect themselves.

ProXPN steps in to commend institutions such as QCR holdings, who are keeping abreast with the escalating cyber warefare and advice others to be vigilant too. VPN technology such as ProXPN VPN service offers enhanced security for both institutions and individuals. When one is connected to the internet or any online services through the ProXPN VPN service, their data is kept secured and encrypted. In this way any information that passes through ProXPN VPN service is kept away from the eyes of hackers.

About proXPN:

Founded in 2009, proXPN is a leading VPN provider. Unlike other services, they offer free accounts. Unlike the SaaS standard practice of time-based free trials, a proXPN free VPN account lasts for life and is limited only by connection speed. proXPN Premium account users enjoy unlimited connection speeds as well as advanced features such as PPTP compatibility for mobile devices and VPN Guard™, proXPN’s method of cutting all data transfer should the VPN connection fail, ensuring all data is encrypted during transmission even if there’s a system error. proXPN’s firm stance on the importance of individual privacy and security online mirrors public sentiment expressed during debates over SOPA and PIPA.

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Britons Lured into Second Bulgarian Property Trap

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Britons Lured into Second Bulgarian Property Trap

sell bulgarian property

London (PRWEB UK) 20 January 2014

Even with signs of market recovery, British and Irish owners continue to offload their Bulgarian property assets. Many are compelled by circumstance to do so at considerable loss to meet their financial needs. Under pressure, many are falling victim to agencies that charge upfront fees, but never actually sell any properties.

Christophe Gater, Director of British-based property agency ‘New Estate’ believes this is an increasing problem. With a message to hopeful vendors, he said “Every vendor should know that whilst they want to sell their properties, bogus agencies just want to sell them false advertising.”

According to New Estate’s research, at least one third of all active vendors have fallen in the trap of disbelieving currently low market values. Having lost thousands of Euros in value from their properties, they opt to pay up to 1,500 Euros to advertise them at unrealistic prices. In reality they are only buying false hope; these agencies have no infrastructure in Bulgaria, no offices or staff on the ground, no marketing to find Russian speaking buyers and no actual capability to deliver real sales.

In Bulgaria, more than 9 out of 10 foreign-owner sales are made to Russian-speakers from the former Soviet bloc. Gater insists that vendors must do their research to avoid falling victim to this ploy:

“Ask yourself the question: does my agency really have the capacity to market my property to Russian speakers at the only price they are willing to pay – the market price?”

New Estate has released a straight-talking interview with Gater, which offers an unbiased review of today’s market conditions as well tips on what vendors of Bulgarian property must currently consider and avoid. See below.


Notes to Editors:

1.    For more information, please contact Mr Gorian Varbanov on +44 (0)20 7993 4197 or email us on office(at)newestatebg(dot)com

2.    New Estate is one of Bulgaria’s leading property agencies. For more information please see our website

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Gear Up for ForexMinute?s Upcoming Reviews of Binary Option Brokers 2014

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Gear Up for ForexMinute’s Upcoming Reviews of Binary Option Brokers 2014

Gear Up for ForexMinute’s Upcoming Reviews of Binary Option Brokers 2014

London, UK (PRWEB) January 17, 2014

The renowned forex news and education portal is aiming towards filtering and listing the newly-launched binary option brokers with a certain potential to satisfy clients with their attractive offerings.

There are maybe thousands of online brokers right now on the internet, among which over 80% are considered to be scams. Finding the most reliable broker among them is indeed a yawn-inducing, and time consuming task. Only the portals like ForexMinute have made sure traders do not have to go through such hassle and can easily navigate through the best brokers via its genuine binary option trading platform reviews.

The portal has truly shown its sheer impeccability in the finance sector, especially when it comes to comforting traders – novice and professional alike – with its range of forex services. Apart from offering the genuinely best binary options brokers’ reviews, ForexMinute has truly looked towards enhancing traders’ knowledge about the ins-and-outs of the finance sector by offering a range of services like latest forex news, educational blog-posts and articles, impactful discussion boards, and various other services.

About ForexMinute

ForexMinute, the world’s leading finance education portal, also offer traders with insightful and genuine binary options trading brokers’ reviews. The portal assist traders by providing them with an advanced and friendly trading experience by selecting the best binary brokers for them. Their reviews include insightful report on the broker’s main features, trading platforms, customer supports, etc. The portal ensures traders to find the best broker for forex binary options reviews.

For more information, visit or call +1 800 758 5780.

You can have the ForexMinute newsletter delivered to you each trading day. Simply sign up today. You will be kept up to date on the latest market action. It’s free and simple:

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Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC. Interviews Elder Fraud Attorney With Regard to Financial Exploitation of Seniors

Author: admin  //  Category: Uncategorized Interviews Elder Fraud Attorney With Regard to Financial Exploitation of Seniors

Walnut Creek, CA (PRWEB) January 19, 2014

Consumer fraud against the elderly is already a multi-billion dollar problem that’s poised to grow even bigger each year, thanks to the overall aging of what notes as the largest single generation of Americans born in US history, the Baby Boomer.* And California-based attorney Craig Niven winces at some of the ways in which various hucksters and even cold-hearted family members take advantage of seniors.

“[The perpetrators] poke and prod elderly homeowners into doing home repairs [seniors] don’t need at hyper-inflated costs,” says Niven, in comments made to’s Brenda Craig. The scammers “fiddle with loan documents, falsify the seniors’ income or deceive seniors about the monthly repayment costs. Then suddenly the senior is stuck with a mortgage they can’t afford and a monthly payment that might be equal to their entire income.

“I would say those are the most horrible cases,” Niven continues. “It becomes a toxic situation and they can actually lose their home.”

According to the US Census Bureau, the growth of the most elderly segment of the population has remained significant since 1900.** From 1900 through 1960, the elderly increased tenfold while populations under 65 grew at a much slower place, at 2.2 times larger. From 1960 – three years after the baby boom peaked – through 1990, the elderly grew by 88 percent, compared against a growth rate of 34 percent for persons under age 65.**

CNN reports that as of July, 2011 boomers represented 25 percent of the US population. As boomers continue to age, it represents a significant concern for elderly Americans who might suffer from increasing forgetfulness, and who may be more apt to live alone following the death of a spouse, and overall can be very trusting.

“Sometimes it’s the neighbor or relative that comes in and befriends the senior and gets control of the assets,” says Niven. “Unfortunately, assets are often squandered before you can recover, but sometimes not. Sometimes it’s a rising market and the assets have been leveraged, so you still might be in a good position. You have to triage the situation and see how to unwind some kind of horrible transaction.”

There are several strategies that Niven has used to recover assets for a senior who has been the victim of elder fraud–sometimes as the result of scam artists; sometimes, the victim’s family is part of the problem.

“We had a case recently where we didn’t just sue the defendant but we sued the relatives because we knew the scammer kept the property in the relatives’ names. We knew eventually that’s where we would have to go to recover.”

To that end, an elder fraud lawsuit is often used to recover assets lost through fraudulent means – either to a con artist, or a member of the victim’s own family. Relatives can be just as greedy when it comes to helping themselves to an elderly father or mother’s assets, or talking an easily confused senior into divesting themselves of money or assets when it is not in their best interest to do so. “Every case is different,” Niven says.

For more financial elder fraud legal information,

“Baby Boomer Generation Fast Facts”, CNN Library/, November 6, 2013
** “Aging in the United States – Past, Present, and Future”, US department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, Bureau of the Census: with information from the Office of the Demography of Aging, US National Institute on Aging, June 27, 2011, provides comprehensive legal news and critical information for those affected by once-in-a-lifetime situations involving medical device lawsuits, personal injury, defective products, California Overtime and labor issues or a host of others. Readers seeking legal help can request it by completing a form which is distributed to attorneys specializing in these cases. Trial attorneys utilize the site to keep abreast of hot legal issues and settlements as well as connect with potential clients. Web:

About Online Legal Media

Online Legal Media owns and operates websites providing information for the general public and the legal community., founded in 2001, is an online legal news publication with over 2.1 million visitors annually and hundreds of thousands of requests for attorney help from its readership. serves as a portal for trial attorneys to network and market their firms to other legal professionals. offers resources for those suffering from asbestos exposure and mesothelioma. Online Legal Media is based in Santa Cruz, California.

Follow Online Legal Media on Twitter @OnlineLegalNews and on Facebook at

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United Patients Group and The Werc Shop Set Standards for Patient Care in Standard-less Medical Marijuana Market

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United Patients Group and The Werc Shop Set Standards for Patient Care in Standard-less Medical Marijuana Market

United Patients Group – Seal of Approval

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 17, 2013

The last thing a medical marijuana patient needs is to be given the run-around by untrustworthy companies just looking to make a buck. In a push to advance patient advocacy and care, medical cannabis resource United Patients Group and testing lab The Werc Shop have joined together to promote new standards for quality and safety of products and services on the market.

“It’s hard enough for patients to take that step to try medical marijuana as a treatment,” said John Malanca, founder and owner of “Add in the endless amount of unreliable information, lack of quality control, scams and bad deals out there, and the process for finding the right treatment options become overwhelming.”

This is where the new partnership between patient advocates United Patients Group and The Werc Shop comes in. Both companies have created testing and review processes that hold products and services to specific standards, so when patients look for answers they know who to trust.

“Until now, there have been virtually no standards for medical marijuana products and the way people do business,” said Malanca. “We’re tired of it, the patients are tired of it, and it’s giving the industry a bad name.”

The Werc Shop is a cannabis testing facility based in Southern California. Its team of PhD. scientists developed the Certified Cannabaceuticals™ program, which is designed “to ensure quality and safety of medical cannabis products through the use of sophisticated analytical techniques and validated methods.”

“Our goal right now is to improve the accuracy of information available, so our collaborators can pass that information down to their patients and their patients can feel confident in knowing that what they’re consuming has been tested by scientists,” said Jeff Raber, PhD, President of The Werc Shop, Inc. “We want to eliminate any doubt about the efficacy and safety of that product.”

Certified Cannabaceuticals™ program assigns quality standards to the wide range of products available in the California medical cannabis market and tests the individual components of those products for safety, accuracy, quality, quantity and more.

This process allows The Werc Shop to scientifically improve the industry for patients, distributors and growers – from improving dosage accuracy with cannabinoid profiling to detecting illegal and harmful residual solvents in cannabis concentrates.

United Patients Group reviews products and companies from the consumer’s standpoint, focusing on reliability, quality, safety, customer service, price, patient-friendliness, convenience, clarity, lab testing and other factors that differentiate the good from the bad.

When products and services reach these standards created by United Patients Group, they receive the “Seal of Approval,” letting patients know they’ve been tested and approved by several different reliable sources. If you are an organization or a company that would like to be considered for a United Patients Group Seal of Approval, contact UPG here.

Combined, The Werc Shop’s Certified Cannabaceuticals™ program and United Patients Group’s Seal of Approval have set the bar for the medical marijuana market in terms of quality, accuracy and safety from both the scientific end and the patient end. Products and companies that receive both certifications are ultimately the best available.

For more information about United Patients Group’s Seal of Approval, and how products and companies make the list, call (415) 524-8099 or visit

For more information about The Werc Shop’s Certified Cannabaceuticals™ program, visit

The best way to stay informed about developments is to “like” United Patients Group on Facebook and “follow” Untied Patients Group on Twitter.

About is a discreet, safe, and professional online medical cannabis information resource for prospective and current patients, caregivers, and medicinal cannabis industry professionals.

While most online medical marijuana sites cater to patients already familiar with medical marijuana, the website is a comprehensive and easy-to-use information source for people of all ages and experience levels, from novice medical cannabis users to experienced industry professionals. The site’s News, Resource, and Blog pages introduce new patients to the ins and outs of medical marijuana healthcare, while helping experienced providers stay abreast of the latest developments in THC and CBD therapies.

A complimentary Five Star-rated United Patients Group medical marijuana app is available on the iTunes app store for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and any iPad.


Vocus©Copyright 1997-

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Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC. to Update Anti-Scam Efforts

Author: admin  //  Category: Uncategorized to Update Anti-Scam Efforts

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 04, 2014 is launching a new effort to help their customers avoid becoming scam victims, the company announced yesterday.

“Whenever you go on the Internet, you are at risk of becoming a scam victim,” a spokesman said. “The way the Internet is connected makes everyone vulnerable. But if you are prepared, you can make it much less likely that you will be targeted by a scam artist. We are here to help you avoid that.”

The guide will not be limited to used car scams, he said.

“This will be a comprehensive anti-scam report,” he said. “We’ll teach people about email scams, phishing scams, fake website scams and even credit card scams. At, we don’t want our customers to become a victim of any type of scam at all.”

The guide will be written in plain English that anyone can understand, he said.

“Far too many reports about online scams are written in jargon that only hackers and web masters can understand,” he said. “That is not the type of report that wants to put out. We’d rather help normal people understand how scam operators really work.”

The report will be put on the site at no additional cost, he said.

“This is about helping people,” he said. “It’s not about making money. We want to make scam operators run and hide. That’s the core of our business strategy.”

About was created to serve the needs of public records clients across North America. With thousands of requests processed each day, continues to grow as a reputable customer service resource. Visit to chat with a live representative, call 1-877-992-4640, or email manager(at)VehicleHistoryRecord(dot)com with any questions or concerns.

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WeGoLook Helps Prevent Online Daters from Falling for Catfish Scams

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WeGoLook Helps Prevent Online Daters from Falling for Catfish Scams

Nationwide, USA (PRWEB) January 14, 2014

With over 40 million people stating that they have tried online dating, internet scammers targeting this multi-billion industry is increasing daily. The practice of “catfishing” is increasing, where a potential online date falsely represents themselves in an online profile and through conversations. While it is common that most online profiles overstate one’s attributes, many profiles are scams to cause an individual to “lend” money to a potential suitor.

Online dating scams have been around since the conception of sites such as and Although, the recent rise scams have turned from little white lies to fraudulent activity. Scammers will lure the victim in by appearing seemingly attractive and engaging in conversations stating just the right thing to woo their match. Eventually, the scammer will request their online date to send or wire them money. Generally the online date will tell the victim a sob story about their financial situation. The victim will wire or send money orders to the online scammer—never to hear from the “online date” date again.

Companies like WeGoLook are now specializing in services to mitigate your online dating risks. The company has already saved individuals from falling in love with a scam. WeGoLook will send a local Agent will meet with the online date in a public location. The Agent will take several current photos and verify that the individual’s state issued ID matches the name provided and complete a WeGoLook Report. The WeGoLook report is available to the customer generally within 72 hours and pricing starts at $ 59.

It is especially important verify your online date if you are engaging in a long distance relationship. WeGoLook has discovered online frauds and legitimate dates alike. And if (s)he really is too good to be true, they will have nothing to hide when you add the extra assurance to your new found relationship.

WeGoLook is third party verification company featuring over 10,000 Agents in the United States. Agents capture dynamic data through the use of photo and video verification and complete custom tasking such as item pickup and delivery and more. WeGoLook specialized in verifying online dates, autos, properties, boats, heavy equipment, antiques, electronics, furniture, RV’s and other assets. WeGoLook is a global service and has expanded to international markets in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia with other countries to follow.

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